Monday, May 2, 2011

Dress up! Inspired by Paul Ruben

Ruben dress
Went out the the garden to find a dress.
Here she is!
Image from paperwhimsy


Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Very clever Peggy!

Christine said...

This is really beautiful. A visual poem.

Jeanie Callaghan said...

What a great inspiration! Love it, Peggy!

Jaluza Scrap said...

Uau... Perfeito!!!

Asas à imaginação said...

Pure inspiration!!!I loved!!!

Bimart´s ateliê said...

Que inspiração maravilhosa! ja fiz meu login para te seguir!bjs

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

Dá para sentir o sublime perfume da criação!
You can feel the sublime scent of creation!

Selma said...

What a wonderful dress! I love this.

Liza said...

What a sweet, fleeting, in-the-moment design. A beautiful composition full of fragile and innocent sentiment. I love it!