Saturday, October 20, 2012

La Calaca shrine and a "tip"!

I made this shrine last night. the key was the metal shrine I got from Artchix studio an magnets from

I painted the inside yellow with craft paint, placed the small magnets on the inside and outside. Then added some ribbons and a skeleton


Delphyne said...

How much fun did you have with this?! It sure looks like you had a ton of it! What a wonderful piece of art!

Susan Burgess said...

You have so many ideas Peggy that are just you! Lovehow you added virgin Mary to the spooky Tim Holzt light up box! Great use of your kids old toys too! And my dh doesn't get why I wanna save everything! When I am not looking he is brazzin enough to throw that coolio stuff away too.
Also like the light up house you did with Sallies class, lucky you doing all these classes in your own area. Sometimes I wish I lived in Cali.
Love all the dia del morto art too, so colorful and festive. Makes me think of FK. Whose work I simply adore as well.
Hey Peggy, thanks for leaving a sweet validating comment on my blog. Hugs, Sanna