Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Virgin a day
Happy to celebrate " A Virgin a Day" with Rebecca and friends!

The Mary image is from google and the flowers are from Deviantscrap. I just kept adding layers.


rebecca said...

dear peggy,
thank you so much for this gorgeous infusion of flowers which i always associate with mary love!
i look forward to these twelve days as a way of sharing a focus of love, light and companionship.
sending you so much gratitude and thanks for yours.

Anonymous said...

I am also really happy to be participating. I love your Mary. What mediums did you use to create her?

Nonnie said...

unique image of the Virgin Mary, so lovely!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Mary among flowers---how appropriate!

Life Mysterious

retriever said...

Deat Peggy, a lovely pictures , have a nice advent period.

Hettienne said...

lovely to find you here again with twelve days of mary! a beautiful unique image!! i will see you tomorrow!

Karen Lunagirl said...

So lovely and serene. Truly beautiful. I didn't see the little bird at first!