Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soartful Bouquets!!!!

A bouquet from California!
Native flower, California poppies. You are NOT ALLOWED TO PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!
So I went down the hill in back and took a picture of the poppies(they reseed like crazy)! Then a dry brush filter from photoshop!


Taluula said...

Too true these poppies reseed like crazy, my garden is full of them and I live in the UK! Happy May Day.

Tess said...

Beautiful..... :)

Jeanette said...

Peggy, I remember these from when I lived in California. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers. We don't have them wild here in SC.

Thanks for being Soartful this week.

Faye said...

So gorgeous, Peggy. I bought one California poppy to plant in an outside planter for the summer. I think it will reseed or at least come back next year. The blossoms so far are beautiful. I love your picture and envy you having these flowers all around you. (I didn't know you couldn't pick them. I guess that means only in California.)

Silvia said...

Fantastic, great photo.