Thursday, April 29, 2010

Theme Thursday! black and white

I've always liked the song, "Happy Trails".
This was the hand out at my mom's funeral. She was a cowgirl!
So, keeping this thought and sentiment, I created a new collage, but with the idea of just beginning life's adventure!


Celebrate your adventures ahead!!
Image by
Divas D'este


Diane said...

Peggy, what a delightful contribution to TT b&w challenge--what a fabulous photo! that little girl, controlling that great, beautiful horse! That is your mother Claire, yes? I am so sorry for your loss--I don't know if this was recent or not, but thank you for sharing that wonderful photo! All little girls love horses, your Mom went out and made her fantasy a reality! Thanks for sharing!



Lynn Stevens said...

A wonderful tribute to your mom. So heartfelt. I'm sure shes smiling down upon you!

Rhonda said...

This is fabulous, Peggy! I love the feeling of beginning you gave this collage. Cheers!

Svenja said...

Your collage is so beautiful - really a lovely tribute.

Amy said...

really great Peggy