Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday postcard! Grunge gothic!

3 Faces of Mona!
I BOUGHT this card. I really felt it an art obligation to post it to sunday postcard!
It is a postcard!!!!
Eddie Allen and Haunted Memories 2005

Illustration Friday/Frozen

Here is my photo(we were in nantucket) after I photoshopped and before I cropped.
Hope this gives you a better idea of size and process!

I tried to make it bigger!
Too bad I don't know how to do this tech stuff very well, it would help!!!!

Soartful ! Ocean!

Image provided!!!!Did you know they have a brush called
"ducks not in a row"?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lots to do! Make a card!

Almost any occasion !
Blank inside
My watercolor and paperwhimsy image
German scrap lantern

Saturday Surprise! Black and White!


Pink Saturday!!!

My 1 and only vintage doll head.
She holds my make up brushes on my vanity!!!
Be sure and click image for details!

From my friend(?) Tristan
Please notice the saturday version is "grandma "!
(be sure and click it)

Love the shoes!!!Please go by and visit Julie, lots of pretty pink!

Monday, October 12, 2009

A wonderful surprise for me!!!

From Dawn and De at
I have been using their collage sheets for several years. They surprised me with a feature at their site as "guest designer"!
I made this collage tonight using their wonderful images. It is a story of a man and wife. He married into the right family, but had a wandering eye. She stayed with him for pride and convenience!
There are some great images of men here, and I am always looking for a few good men!
Please visit their place, you won't be disappointed!
Link below will show off the lovely honor I received!

Halloween decoration!

I found the bobble heads many years ago and bought some "lantern" flowers at the store!
My ceramic brown paper bag sits on the counter all year long and changes with the seasons.

Soartful Saturday challenge! Suitcase!

I am so old that I remember when I called a suitcase, a "grip"!
Now it has a whole new meaning!
Had a little silly time with this challenge, hope you don't mind!

Think monday/think atc / Fall