Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day of the Dead!

I bought a lovely embroidered top from her. I asked if I could take her picture.
This photo is my very favorite of all!

A few more!
Still more to come!!!

I never understood the beauty of Day of the Dead until I visited Oaxaca, Mexico to celebrate the event. a magical time with such beauty and inspiration.
This is a photo I took during the celebration.

Sunday postcard! Haunted house, Winchester house!!!

I have been there several times! It is an hour away from me. Fascinating story and I added a link to tell you the history! Hope you get a chance to read it(not long)

Pink Saturday!


Another mask, this time with paint first and then paper decoupage!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Haiku my heart

When I was looking at the photo below, I suddenly saw the face above the first one!
It reminds me of a sky or moon face!

A slab of stone
but wait-

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Celebrating day of the dead!

This is what I created from 1 of the images for my fridayfotocollage site.
I have other images as well. Hope you will come by and play some time!!!


Swap for Paperwhimsy garden arch
Side 1
Flowers added

Hand painted with twinkling h2os
Now on to side 2!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Play Date Cafe

Giveaway card update!!!

These are the other cards that will be mailed tomorrow!
I have all the addresses except for Peggy r!
Thanks for playing, I had fun too!!

Inspiration Ave/ fear

Absolutely NO QUESTION in my mind!!!!
After I saw Psycho, I and millions of other females did not want to take a shower!!!!!!!

collage Obsession/ sepia

Image from magicmoonlight
I am a week late for this challenge!
I loved the prompt!!

collage Obsession

Decoupaged washi paper mask I made for a yahoo group project!
Get a white mask at the craft store and then choose any papers and glue them on the mask with Elmers!!!!

Take a word! blackbird

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween card giveaway, everyone wins!!!

Here is 1 more card!
I received 7 comments and everyone will get a card!!!!
I do need addresses!
chris a
Just email address on my profile or here!

with your addy and I will mail all of you a card!!!
Thanks for playing!

Sunday postcard! things that go bump in the night!

My big toe!!!!!!!!