Saturday, October 20, 2012

Play Date Cafe 3rd anniversary!
Using deviantscrap images

my background Deviant lady

vincent's hat (deviant scrap hat)

My background , Hiddenvintage studio girl

sunday Postcard

I saved this card from years ago, I love this couple!

La Calaca shrine and a "tip"!

I made this shrine last night. the key was the metal shrine I got from Artchix studio an magnets from

I painted the inside yellow with craft paint, placed the small magnets on the inside and outside. Then added some ribbons and a skeleton

Friday, October 19, 2012

La Calaca

I bought this lovely lady because she reminded me of me!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

sisters! We will find a cure!

Paint Party Friday

Use your leftover paints to update your jeans for working in your studio or attending a workshop!!!

Haiku my heart

Wasted years of no contact
Lost forever, sad!

Try to resolve it, move on
experience the joy!

I regret my stubbornness
to say I love you!
When we are young we make mistakes we do not recognize and foolishly ignore what is important!
I am fortunate to recover 3 relationships that are dear to me. I almost lost them completely.
Do not let ignorance or pride Take away a precious friendship!

La Calaca /shrine

I n 2005 I took my first Tim Holtz workshop, A lighted cigar box shrine.I chose the them hollywood movies.
 My tribute to old spooky movies! the Virgin Mary is there for my protection so I don't get scared. 

The godzilla is a toy I gave to my boys. You wind it up and as it walks it spits sparks!
There is a skeleton in there too so I figured it fit in with
La Calaca!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I found these lovely photos of the Romanovs


This is a pin I "adapted" for a bling swap. I took a snowflake pin and added more bling by inserting 4 stud earrings with the holders on the back. you may choose a pair to wear with your pin...or not!

Happy Birthday to Annette!

My lovely and loving mother-in-law

La Calaca

Not skeletons , but grandmommie and gramps/1918

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Devil or angel?

I used the liquify filter! Kinda creepy!

Take a word/ crime film!

Robert Mitchum makes the scariest villain!!!!!!

The art of remembering!

In 2008 I took a class with Sally Jean and made a glass house. It took me a long time to finish it over several weeks, on and off. The subject for my house was of a small 2" x 2" leather envelope I found in my mother's wallet after she died and I was cleaning  and sorting her belongings. I never knew she carried it with her all those years and she never showed it to me. I am so glad I took the time to follow through with this project. Here's what I learned!
It takes TIME to create memories with art or words, but worth every second. I will try and slow done and enjoy my memories!
Below is the original post on my blog in 2008!

People who live in glass houses!!!

The House I built in Sally Jean's class!!!!

Here's the story I was talking about!!!!
I found a little leather(2"x2") black photo holder that folded in half and it was tucked in my mom's wallet.
I opened it up and inside were 3 small photos.
1 of mom
1 of daddy
1 of the 2 of them in their swim suits!
It gets better!
Also there were 2 folded pieces of paper.
1 piece was just plain note pad paper.
In my mom's writing,"
"When I think of him I shall smile!"
The other note was written on the back of an alterations claim stub for Marshall Field & Company. 11-10-45.
This note was written in my dad's handwriting. It read,
"I've fallen in love with my darling all over again - it's a grand feeling."
The date corresponds with the month my dad went off to Marine boot camp.
My mom carried it with her all her life. I only knew about it after she died(91!)
Now, isn't that the most romantic thing ever???????

So, I made copies and transparencies of the originals(safely tucked away) and incorporated them in the glass house. Sally jean was so nice about helping me figure out how the pieces would show off the best, but I did it all myself! As you can tell with the wonky soldering(first time). I like to think that it gives it an "antique" feeling!