Saturday, August 7, 2010

for Ginger

There is a new star in the night sky.
I will miss you ginger.
Please say a prayer for her family.
thank you
If you can take a moment to hear her beautiful voice, just click the link below. thank you

Painting on denim!!!! Try it, you'll like it!

I am the guest muse over at Gingersnap
This should be for sunday, August 8th!
I saved as a draft, so it showed up august 4th!!!

Dress up! January dress

4" high
Made of wine bottle foil from top of bottle and cigar band bodice!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Jackson and Perkins flower catalog 2008
So then I went photoshopping!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Trying to entice more players! Check it out!

Off with their heads!
details for challenge in the link below!
come by and play!

Summer bounty ATC for Paperwhimsy lottery!

PW transparency over PW girl, pressed flowers, bee sticker!
Just cut and paste!

4 x 4 friday/ King

Forest King

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting on denim!!!! Try it, you'll like it!

Pretend that denim is like a stretched canvas!
Experiment on and old pair of jeans to get the feel of brushing on the paint. You have to push the paint into the fabric and sometimes layers of paint are best. Paint what you know. Animals, flowers, abstract, holiday themes. Use foam rubber stamps to get started or even iron on a pattern from the craft books made just to transfer designs.
Let dry 24 hours before washing. Cold water is best and I lay item flat to dry. I have dried in dryer, but they wrinkle more. You may use an iron, but be sure and put a press cloth (any old towels) to lay over the painted areas. Cardboard also helps under the area you are ironing.

Denim article of your choice. Old worn denim works very well, like painting on canvas. If you choose to use new denim, you must pre wash it!!! Suggestions back of a jacket bottom of jean legs (makes an interesting border) pockets, jacket cuffs, denim purse or tote, workshirts, childrens oshkosh overalls, skirts, baseball cap Supplies Any craft paint(decoart, americana, plaid) You do not have to buy fabric paint! Brushes of all sizes, but make sure they are fairly stiff, pieces of cardboard to put under areas to be painted A white sewing pencil is helpful to mark designs masking tape for graphic designs

these are some pants I painted when I started doing oil paintings.
I painted swatches of color in then labeled the color. I did it this way so I could look down and read what color I needed!!!

My work pants!!!
Denim duster.
I wanted to "walk in a garden"!

(yes, I really did used to wear them!)

Denim apron
Baby coveralls
Stamped Sunflower(foam stamp, white acrylic paint as a base)
Then added painted and a black fabric marker to do some outlines
I use all kinds of craft paints(decoart,americana, plaid, does not have to be fabric paint)


Altered Couture
Pollock pants on left

Altered Couture
(mine, even though they credited another artist)
trust me I still wear it!

thanks to gingersnap for inviting me to be an August Muse!

one powerful hour/vacation!

Image from
The Laughing Elephant,

play Date Cafe


Theme thursday/

Painting enhanced with photoshop
8"x10" palette paper


My play day work desk (birthday haul)
white roses
creme puff for 2 in fridge
Zappos gift certificates!
fun book from son 2
Taking these pictures with new canon digi camera from son 1
Ain't life grand!

first time ever shown picture which could have been in this fun book below!!!
chris, dan,me,danny
St Patrick's day, 19??

great book!
Now why didn't I think of that!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday Stamper/ turquoise

Arch for Book swap (original 2008)
I took the original and added more turquoise. I used stamps for her dress and arms.

Crazy amigos!!! Free theme!

Since today I am officially traveling down "Route 66", I have chosen all my favorite things!
blues, whites, flowers, butterflies, sweet image, and photoshop!
Yes, today it really is all about me!!!!