Friday, December 3, 2010

lots to do! words!

Image from the book
How To Guess Your Age
Corey Ford, 1949

4 x 4 trees

Yesterday sunset

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art Creations Friday! A different challenge/trees!

image provided
The provided background reminded me of tree bark. I had this free image from(?, I'll try to find her and post link) . For some reason, I thought of Father Christmas hiding in the forest . Kind of like Charles Dicken's ghosts of christmas past.
Any way, I had fun as usual.
I always enjoy this challenge and I ALWAYS love to see what is created by other artists!

Theme thursday/fun images

Image of little boy from
Divas D'este
Added a background of tree, cut out boy image and pasted on, added a hose sticker and bear sticker
Scanned design and took to photoshop to enhance the background and put a hat on the bear!

2nd day of Christmas

2nd ornament in Twelve Days series
Marie Osmond

One Powerful Hour! gift!

Image from
The Truth About Snow People
Blue Lantern Press

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Play Date Cafe

Image from the Graphics Fairy

gingersnapcreations/ snow people

water color postcard 1980
I happen to adore snowpeople!!!
I have a collection of 40 years of snowmen/women/children ornaments( over 300!)
If you want to see some just click the sidebar where it says
"Christmas Pasts"

A partridge in a pear tree and ....

1 of 12 ornaments
Marie Osmond 2000





3 Muses/ movies

Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Take a word! Home My favorite book(really)

In 1943, Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House won the Caldecott Award for the most distinguished picture book published in 1942. It is the story of a little house in the country surrounded by trees, birds, and fields of flowers. As the years pass, the big city, originally set miles away over the hills, expands and engulfs the little house, which bye and bye sits abandoned, surrounded by skyscrapers, with subways rumbling beneath it and elevated trains clickity-clacking past its front door. Finally, a descendent of the original builder discovers that the little house belonged to her family, and she has it moved back into the country where once again it enjoys the trees, birds, and fields of flowers.

Cut and paste! with paper and glue! NO DIGITAL

By hand
Same supplies as listed below!

Cut and paste BY HAND!
I used scrapbook paper 12"x 12"
image from Pottery Barn catalog 8"x10"
images from paperwhimsy original paper images cut out with scissors and then fitted into areas of glass house and glued. NO DIGITAL!
Embellishments from Red Lead GLUED AS BORDER
A few pressed flowers glued on paper

By choosing the appropriate size of images on collage sheets I try and "fool the eye". There is NO resizing by computer, it is all original paper. My favorite thing to do!
Check out the stores!!!