Saturday, May 1, 2010

collageobsession! Flowers

Gothic arches!

Sister Mary Mona

Blog Party Tutorial!

Red Riding Hood
I started with a picture in a book of a painting by
Abraham Mignon 1640-1679 oil on canvas

I wanted to use this image from
Divas D'este for "Red"

Used my pressed flowers to make a collage. I then took some pictures of the arrangement.
I use a phone book to press my flowers. It is so easy, I hope you will try it!
Off to photoshop to paint and add elements of color!I had just watched an old movie In The Company Of Wolves, a dark fairy tale. The colors in the movie were so dark except for Red's coat. That is what I was trying to achieve!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy May Day!

Sunday postcard! sewing!

Image from Enchanted Mercantile

Soartful Bouquets!!!!

A bouquet from California!
Native flower, California poppies. You are NOT ALLOWED TO PICK THEM!!!!!!!!!
So I went down the hill in back and took a picture of the poppies(they reseed like crazy)! Then a dry brush filter from photoshop!

Lots to do! faces

Image from

Friday, April 30, 2010

Once upon a time.....

....there was a little girl who would make herself flower crowns and pretend to be a princess.
She dreamed of making a crown of flowers for her father, the King.
King Arthur collage sheet by
Princess by
Flowers by Mother Nature

Inspirationavenue /fairy tales!

Image of "Red"
I'll tell you how I did it at the blog party. I took pictures of each step.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

4x4 friday! Beltane

A Crown of flowers!

Created by hand! working!

Working in the garden!

Theme Thursday! black and white

I've always liked the song, "Happy Trails".
This was the hand out at my mom's funeral. She was a cowgirl!
So, keeping this thought and sentiment, I created a new collage, but with the idea of just beginning life's adventure!


Celebrate your adventures ahead!!
Image by
Divas D'este


nest from The Graphics Fairy
background provided
Did a cut and past with paper, then photo, then photoshop

Crazy Amigo's! birds

8"x8" collage
Image from
Divas D'este
Napkin background green stamps! (anyone remember them?)

gingersnapcreations! Kraft!

Free image from past issue of Somerset Studio
Pressed blue Penstemon flower!

3 Muses! music!

Altered book RR
My theme was


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good to be home!!!

Me taking a break from shopping!
I have some fun pictures of the people and places in Cabo and will share this week!
I have just started to catch up on the beautiful and fun art I missed, but hope to be able to get to you all and comment on your latest !
Hope you are all well!

Sunday Postcard and One Powerful Hour!

Image from
Made In China
ISBN 0-81184202-9
I did some additions of color and then did some filters with photoshop

playdate cafe

Cabo San Lucas

what's on your workdesk wednesday!!!

Or, what's on your door!
Cabinet that holds my special treasures of family and art friends!