Friday, April 16, 2010

4x4 friday! spring garden

My watercolor 1990- 18 " x 14" Sweet Peas"
I took a photo of entire painting, then cropped to smaller size. Added the violets, morning glory and forget-me-nots with photoshop brushes, then did a pastel filter.

Have a beautiful weekend!!!
I will be back on sunday!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


All my favorite flowers for the lovely image provided.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

one powerful hour/ patchwork!

All my favorite colors and designs!
Courtesy of Divas D'este.
Cigar band gift in swap
Fortune from local Chinese restaurant!
I love putting together papers in quilting fashion.
Alas, I am not a real quilter and admire those who really sew!!!!

playdate cafe

My love of asian again!

What's on your workdesk wednesday!!!

My "office" corner with a spanking new desk I ordered from pottery barn! I have been working on a old wood table that we used to have in the kitchen. 8 years later I decided it was time to streamline the desk area. It fits perfectly(because I measured the area first. I learned the hard way that what you see in catalogs can be deceiving. I NEVER ORDER any furniture that says "assembly required"! I put together a filing system and discovered that I did the 12 drawers backwards so they wouldn't pull out.............So 2 hours later it was redone right! I am too old for assembly!!!
Any way, the desk is only 8 days old and I am trying to keep it clean and not let the junk grow.

theme thursday! hats or crowns

The Party Dress
Alexandra Black

Monday, April 12, 2010

crazy Amigo's! backgound stamp!

Stampersanonymous stamp

Story of header!!!! An evening at the "smiths'!

So many of you have commented on the header. So I went back and found the old blog post and here is the contents and the link.
Please read the note I found attached to the picture!
These ladies had fun!!!
Thanks for asking again!
I love to see my family enjoyed by others.

A picture from my mom's stuff! This photo was attached to a note that read...
"Due to the extreme mental strain of an evening spent at the smith's, any of the above models may be located at one of the better known state institutions"!
My mom is on your left and my aunt is on the far right!
As you can see, my mom went for the "basic" altered newspaper...cut a hole in the middle of the newspaper and put it over your head!

TMTA / triptych

Mini Cabinet card
pressed flowers

Vintage wall paper

My new watering can!

I collect watering cans. I usually paint them or decoupage.
This image is from the graphics fairy and thought it appropriate for my old rusty W C!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


inspirationavenue Magical!

I created this piece for a swap at my Paperwhimsy group. You were to make a little house based on a character from a children's story or fairy tale.
I chose Tom Thumb.
We are having our kitchen repainted and I had to clean out all the cupboards. I found this butter dish I bought(which at the time seemed like a good idea) and decided it would make a good glass house. I worked on it this last week and just finished it yesterday!
Thanks for a timely challenge to share my art creation!
Paperwhimsy image

Back view
squirrel and acorn from
Paula's kit club
Garden angel-?

Lid off
inside front
tom is wearing an acorn hat
St Christopher medal
dried flowers

Inside back view
flower pot
tiny cup and spoon from my mom's doll house
top of acorn(tom's hat)

blue Monday!

I redid a painting of mine and used photoshop.
The cut out filter!

mixed Media Monday! Hello Dolly

Image from
Enchanted Mercantile
I did a few color changes!
I can just hear her saying