Monday, April 12, 2010

Story of header!!!! An evening at the "smiths'!

So many of you have commented on the header. So I went back and found the old blog post and here is the contents and the link.
Please read the note I found attached to the picture!
These ladies had fun!!!
Thanks for asking again!
I love to see my family enjoyed by others.

A picture from my mom's stuff! This photo was attached to a note that read...
"Due to the extreme mental strain of an evening spent at the smith's, any of the above models may be located at one of the better known state institutions"!
My mom is on your left and my aunt is on the far right!
As you can see, my mom went for the "basic" altered newspaper...cut a hole in the middle of the newspaper and put it over your head!


Janet Ghio said...

Well Peggy--now we know where you get your sense of humor!!

Teresa aka Tess said...

I think your header is FABulous and would have loved to have been there. What fun!!

Faye said...

Peggy, I admit I have been curious because those girls look like my friends at college and some of the antics we pulled. Your mom is my vintage, I think. This is a delightful, fun photo and I'm glad you reran the text that went with it.