Saturday, June 19, 2010


I cut out the lady from the beautiful image provided, Glued image to blue paper.
Added pressed flowers.
Took it over to photoshop and did some filtering.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You are invited!!!

come by and play!
I think you will have fun!!!
I will post what I did tomorrow, so come back and see!!!
It's easy, all you need are some magazines!

playdate cafe black and white and a little color! BLUE!!!!!!

Julie was nice enough to let me know the color request is
So I am goin do another one the right way and just say the "nanners" are a bonus !

You are going to think I am nuts!
I was slicing a banana and noticed the slices looked like faces!
So I took a picture of them and did a tiny bit of photoshop to get

Gingersnapcreations Fairies!

P S play
These fairies live in my garden!


Actually he isn't "on " my work desk, but he is WHY I am NOT at my work desk!
Please meet Simon!
He is a 3 year old rescue dog we brought home on saturday. At first he was so busy exploring and getting to know us. 5 days later he is adapting to his new surroundings and seems to like his bed!
I have not done any art since we got him(well, maybe once) because I am busy taking him outside, then inside, then upstairs, then downstairs then outside, then get the idea!! He is getting used to the backyard, but we have a small pool, so I need to be with him. He likes to be with me, take naps, play with his squeaky bone, and go for walks.
My son says
"mom, you are about to meet "the dog people"!!!
Life is good!
i must add that his dad takes him for first morning walk and then brings him in the bedroom so simon can say hello. He is now able to jump up and be with me! This is all at 7 am, which I realize for most of you is not early. To me it IS!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mixed Media Monday! TMTA

Vintage labels
Images from
AND it just so happens, they are having a SALE!!!!!!!
Check it out!!!

I will miss you.

Please click the link to read a post from her daughter, Dana

Sunday postcard! Roses

I used 2 pieces of marbled paper I made.
Then I added impressionist roses and leaves, then pastel filterI think it makes a nice design for a postcard!