Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday postcard! easter

Please come by to help for a good cause!!!
Half way to a goal of 100 comments and need your help!
Thanks so much!

Image from

Soartful Southern Belle!!

The "bell" of the ball!
Forgive my silliness!
Image from magic moonlight!

4 x 4 Whimsy!!!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

theme thursday/ girls!

Be sure and see the post for my "everyone wins" giveaway!


Everyone wins giveaway/give to celebration! My 2,500th post!

Kaari Marie has just offered to send a jewelry kit!!!! We will have 3 kit winners
Thanks Kaari!

A lot to talk about!!!
Cathy died of ovarian cancer in 2007. Her birthday is April 23rd.
She was friend for over 35 years.
Celebrating a friends birthday, donating to an organization that is helping all women and my 2,500th post!

Part one!
Giving away 2 sets of The French General jewelry kits.
matching necklace and bracelet

# 1

#2Please leave a comment to be entered to win 1 set. Please leave a contact here or email me
So if you win I can find you!

Part 2 of Everyone Wins of Giveaway/Give to celebration!
If you leave a comment I will donate $1 to
I would love to receive at least 100 comments (or more) .
At the drawing date for the 2 winners I will count up the comments and send a donation to
Ovarian Cancer Research !
I appreciate you helping me celebrate Cathy's birthday!
You do not have to follow me, just leave a short comment!
Easy and you may win a kit.
If you wish to spread the word to others, please feel free to post this link on your blog!
My goal is 100 comments.
The more the merrier!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

take a word! Travel

I took an old easter basket toy out into the garden! I guess you could say they were traveling down the Easter Trail, just like Peter Cottontail!

Collage Obsession light as air

Tulip clouds!
used an impressionist brush to blend the edges just a bit

Cropped this picture and made a stamp in photoshop

Stamped the image in white onto my sky picture

Inspiration Ave/ Angels

Magic Moonlight image