Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dried flowers, wrapping paper and image!

My dried flowers
Image from Paperwhimsy
Dover wrapping paper
PS dry brush filter, just a smidge!

Sunday postcard! Cats!

I found a great new place(to me)!

I am trying to clean off my art table!
I found a new site!
Link below
I am excited about clearing the table and this site has some great storage ideas!

DoneIf any one has a resource or ideas for organizing, I'd LOVE to hear from you and thanks!

Image from arteology

Go to the link below and see all the wonderful free images!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

one powerful hour/ Birds!

Face from Paperwhimsy
body from children's catalog
Stickers of birds
background hand drawn

Love watching the birds in the backyard, always busy doing something!

Oneworldoneheart 2010!!!!

Please come by if you haven't already!!!

theme thursday! pink/black

I actually did these today! The pages are for a RR and this artist chose women of the 20's,30's, 40's. Lingerie, Shoes, clothing, think feminine!
Her book , The Ladies Home Reader, has fabulous tidbits of all kinds of trivia re lifestyle and dress. A fun read that I didn't want to cover up too much of the text!

Wednesday Stamper / the past

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Collageobsession! A pair! OUR 45th Anniversary!!

So when this challenge came up I decided to us it as an anniversary card for my DH!
I want you to know that I am not making fun of the original picture, just having fun with it. I mean no disrespect to someone's relatives. I have had the same fun with old pictures of my family and intend nothing hurtful.
After being together for 45 years, dan and I are starting to look alike and dress alike(by accident)!
Happy Anniversary!!!!

Gothic arches! Correspondence

Special delivery!!!

Sunday postcard! Phrenology

A young artist's brain!