Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday postcard!

Stripey legs!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kitchen!!!! Saturday Surprise!

Old recipe booklet my mom had, "The Perfect Hostess"!
Did a little cut , paste and glue stick!

Pink Saturday!

Going away for the weekend!
A friend is having her Open Studio in St. Helena,CA. Leaving tomorrow to help her and be back on sunday! Here is her website to see her gorgeous art!
I went around the house searching for more pink!

My overnighter!

My shoes
My elephant watering can and pink wind up snail (my painting)
From my mother-in-law.
Another special piece of hers

Faberge enamel flowers (faux, faux, faux) Joan Rivers
Forbidden stitch fabric from china (under glass)

Magnifying glass (faux, faux, faux)
Book on Faberge collectables

Some Faberge eggs, lots of pink ones
(faux, faux, faux)
Collecting for 12 years from Joan Rivers. 4 times a year she offered 3 different eggs in a set(fabulous price dahling!)

Lots to do!

Black ,orange, and a little white.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oak tree in back yard

Art Creations Friday!

Sweet little girl image and some PS brushes!

Spoon flower contest!!!!

The site "spoonflower" is having a contest for fabric designs of spoons!
If you want to see all the entries I put the link below. You can vote for 3!
I'd love a vote for me! #20! Spoon with pressed flowers!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I went to a P-jammer Party this week end!

My friend J T took me (flat peggy) to a group play day in Ann Arbor MI. Since I was unable to attend I went as a flat paper doll so I could join in the fun! J T drove from Texas and picked up some whimsy ladies on the way .
I think I had a good time!!!!!!
Thanks J T!

I managed to sneak J T 's dog Baxter for the trip!!!!

Jammies courtesy of Shirley Temple. Thanks Shirle !

Happy 39th Birthday to son # 2!

"Baby dan" is hugging our next door neighbor, dana at his birthday party!
It was when you had small parties with favors in a brown lunch bag! We took them all to "Fairyland". A charming park where they had a petting zoo and they could go inside the shoe of the old woman's house and climb to the top!
What fun we had!!!

Crowabout collage play!

Think monday/think atc / girls with dolls

I scanned a postcard sent to my mother-in-law dated 1910.
It says
"Annette (my mother-in law) and Leta Petersen
This is the baby and her playmate. Baby is the one standing with the doll and the bear. They are as if they were playing"
My mother-in-law is "baby", it was her nickname. She had 2 older sisters. Ida and Edma!
I made it into an atc and did not alter it. I thought the picture was enough!!!

Gothicarches /bows!

Artchixstudio image
pressed flowers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mixed Media Monday! Metal!

Mini shrine with pressed flower

Sunday Morning walk around the garden!

The morning glories are loving the weather, cool mornings and hot afternoons. I can smell Fall! And I can see it in the light. Soft morning color and pink light in the early evening.
If you wish to see more garden pictures please click the vase of flowers on my sidebar(your right) and it will take you to my blog for pretty nature, old family photos, and some free images and backgrounds.
Hope you will come by!!!
Happy Sunday!