Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday postcard/ vintage christmas

Vintage 1940 snowman That my mother-in law gave me!!!


Dress by Ceil Chapman

Thursday, December 15, 2011

haiku my heart!

To be a child and believe.
To completely trust.
Keep it alive.

me and santa 1950

Some fun backgrounds(before gift bags!!!)

This is 1 of the papers I saved from xmases past(70 and 80).
I have more on my other blog and the link is below!
Hope you come by and get some paper!!!
Merry, Happy whatever!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 Muses! tis the season!

I love holidays and Christmas is 1 of my favorites.
I have 2 loves, bears and snowmen!!!
Back in the holiday boutique days I used to make scenes using these characters.
This one was called
On the Park Bench
Frosty and bears on park bench, small bear adding snow to snowman from his bucket, birds in park and young bear with sling shot in back pocket(for launching snowballs!) small brown bear helping little white bear so he can give frosty the snowballs. It was fun to play and I made probably 30 different scenes. I kept only 2, my bear nativity and my Nativity bear wreath.

cachallenge/ embossing!

Images from

A little Mary miracle!

I never realized until today that the day of my adoption was on the celebration of
Our Lady Of Guadalupe!
Since participating in The Virgin a Day project that began December 1st and ending yesterday December 12th I became familiar with the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe and now have a double reason to rejoice on this day.
My adoption was final!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Christmas cards!

Making for some swaps!


inspiration ave/ festive

This little fella has been on our family room mantle for the last 30 years!
I got baby jesus 10 years ago when we spent christmas in Salzburg. He fits perfectly on the elf's arm!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

collagobsession/ trio

Virgin A Day Day 12

God gives us memories so we may have roses in December.
After reading the wonderful history of Our Lady of Guadalupe I decided to make a painting.
A remarkable story!
I will continue my mornings with mary even though the event is over. I feel blessed to have met you all and so enjoyed your words and art!

Take a word! joy

thanks to the Graphics Fairy for this delightful photo. I changed it just a bit!

Virgin A Day

I do not know the artist. But when I saw it on a Mary devotion site I loved it.

Sunday postcard/ poinsttias

I went a little nutso with photoshop tools and brushes.
Merry and