Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday stamper

Soartful Saturday challenge! Spring

Some images for you to use!

I took some photos of a stuffed animal and a salt and pepper shaker set.
Then I took them to Photoshop to see what I could do!

I think they might make nice spring/easter cards or tags!
So use the original s here and see what you can do!
I'd love to see what you create. Come back and share!
Hope you have some fun!!

P S Dry brush filter
P S/ watercolor filter

Friday, March 19, 2010

Self portrait friday!

Taken at 11: 01 pm, CA time
Then link below is for Nina Bagely, a favorite artist and teacher.

lotstodochallenge! / Springtime!

Page I started about 6 months ago.
I added the pressed flowers
colored the bird
Added for-get-me-nots (my very very very favorite flower)
added a small bunch of tiny forget-me=nots in the small brass basket.
Then went to photo shop and did 1 dry brush filter!
I think she is ready for spring!


Image from
Divas D-este
quilt wrapping paper
german scrap

Playdate cafe

3"x3" book
Divas D-este image
frog sticker from Paula's kit club

4x4 friday! Spring

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Flower Children

Revisiting an altered book round robin! 2006/7

I asked the participants to do a famous painting by an artist and do it in blue and white! I supplied the paper frames so they had a size to work with. I also said if "they" wanted to be the famous artist that was just fine!!
The paintings all fit inside the book which has a cut out area.
This is my
Isn't it a treasure!

Front cover
Peggy g
Artist Hokusai

Front cover
Under painting

Inside cover
lift feather page to see paintings inside

Inside cover
Caryl H
Artist Rubens

Jennifer R D
Artist Botticello "Venus"

Barb B
Artist Paul Klee

Michelle D
Artist Guichard

Cat D.
Artist Georgia O'Keefe

Artist Kimberly

Debbie H
Artist Debbie H

Judy E
Artist Leonardo, "Mona Lisa"

Sandee H
Artist Thomas Gainsborough "Blue Boy"

Paula D
Artist Jonathan Green "White Breeze"

Carol M
Artist Ammi Phillips "Harriet Leavens"

Theme thursday! Masculine

One powerful hour/ Sisterhood!

Fellow artists make the best friends!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Stamper Women in history

Stamping on gold tissue paper
Dover paper background

gingersnapcreations! Copper and ginger!

molding paste
washi paper

Spot challenge! Ginger jar!

Top of the morning to you and a winner!

Kelly, at happyshack designs!
You can visit her creative blog at the link below!!!!

Thank you all so much for making this such fun!!!
If ANY OF YOU wish to send me your address I have a small surprise to send you too!
Have a fabulous day!!!!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I love to send postcards!!!
I made these using lace images from
Vintage Catnip!
I colored the plain lace designs using photoshop!!!
I like the results!
Be sure and visit the link below for some wonderful pictures!!!

Blue Monday!

Inspirationavenue My town!

It is the truth!!!!
Behind the shoe repair is the "hay and grain"store!
During the holidays they put a christmas wreath around his neck!!!

Crazy Amigo's! Party

I wonder if she will remember what a fun time she had at the

New projects finished!

Journey swap
detail from my painting
The Great Wall of China

Bookmarks using Diva's d-este images