Saturday, June 27, 2009

Time for tea!

93 degrees here and this old bear needed some shade.
His name is Paul.
And that's a whole other story!

It was a grand day!!!!!!
I spy "somebody's " friend!
Somebody sneaked in here!
Goldie's friend Amanda was a babysitter for the little ones at story time!
Tea for two
Look who came by!
Martha had time to come by for a minute after shopping!
These guys had fun recalling old hunting days in the wild!!!!

Bears in chairs
The boys in the band!
Conga line!

I put my irish bears in front of a painting of mine
"County Clare"
so they would feel at home!

Sister Mary Margaret makes bad bart sit in the chair for a "time-out"!
But Sister Cecelia always let the bears help her in the garden!
Memories! My mom's tea set. I used to be able to use this tea set under close supervision and when I was sick, my mom would bring me tea and toast on this china. I actually remember!
These guys decided to come in their boat from the San Francisco Bay(somebody here must have text messaged them while I wasn't looking) and when they reached land, I had "wheely bear" bring them up to the house!
Oh my, there's a party goin on!
Party goers are beginning to gather!!!!
"Buggy" gets a ride!!!!

Mad hatter!!!!
We are just getting started!
The bears are getting dressed (or not) and spiffying themselves up!
Goldilocks will be there too and her friend Amanda, who is not the least bit afraid of bears!
Now If I can just find hoops and yoyo, those rascals are hiding!
Then the tea party can begin!!!!!
Be sure and click the link below and enjoy a magical day!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

new carpet!

Someone asked to see a picture of the new carpet!
O K !

Postcard Friendship Friday!

Grandmommie and Dolly!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank you for coming by!!!!!

I am WAY behind in thanking all of you who have made comments in the last few days! I always like to reply to individuals, but the last week has been busy!
We had new carpet laid and it meant taking out all the furniture from several rooms, along with all the stuff and then slowly putting things back. Carpet was 20 years old and we needed to freshen up!!!
So, please use these images for your artistic pleasure!!!! They are mine, so no copyright worries.
Please keep coming by and I hope to get back up to speed with acknowledging your fun and thoughtful comments.
Hope you can have some fun with these pictures!

Art Creations Friday!
Image of lovely lady provided!

Theme thursday!