Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sunday postcard! ! boats

One of my husband's tin boats!

Some new art using Deviant Scrap

Please stand by
Little black dress
I am just starting to play with the images at Deviant Scrap!

So Artful!

I used a free image from dezinaworld and put her in a medieval garden!

Friday, June 3, 2011

paintpartyfriday! more sunflowers

Pastel 1990's
18"x 26

Pink Saturday! A reminder of my giveaway!

I love sweet peas!

Please come by


I have been trying to leave comments or open bloggers place and it just isn't working!!!!
I'll try later ????
Love the new paint party art and lots of other projects, but you'll just have to trust this post, cause I am unable to leave/or see blogs!

thanks janet leigh for letting me use your picture!!!!

whimsical wednesday!

cut, paste, paper, flowers

Fun Friday!!!!!!!! A favorite card from the boys!

Design by Seltzer/Simple Syrup

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Theme thursday/ pink and brown

My garden, flowers are pink, added the brown tones!

Casual friday! graduation

digital using clipart images of globe and graduation hat

Fuzzy hugs giveaway!

This morning I had 301 followers!
I started this blog in june 2007 and didn't even know what a "follower" was!
To thank those who have joined me and those who take the time to come by and comment, I am giving away this Boyd's fuzzy mountain mama bear with critters!!!
She has been at Lake Tahoe for 7 years and since we are selling the tiny condo, I brought her back home.
She needs a new home!
Leave a comment, a contact and I will put your name in the giveaway. (you don't have to follower to enter)

Drawing June 11!
Please spread the word, the more the merrier and
Oh, be sure to click to enlarge to see all the fuzzies!!!