Thursday, December 30, 2010

4x4 friday Happy new year!

Happy new year
part (4"x4")

Part 2

One Powerful Hour! home sweet home!

painting of nest by me, then a tiny bit of digital!!!

gingersnapcreations/use scraps!

I used scraps and pressed flowers!
For Petra's challenge!

Mortal Muses

After the rain

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspiration Ave/ a new year/goals

Jackson in Seattle

My first commission of a pet picture.
The original photo had Jackson sitting in a patio overlooking the city. I took the image to photoshop and this card is the result!

I hope to start a pet picture business using images sent to me by the pet owner. Using information of what they want, I will use cut and paste collage/and/or photoshop to make a painting of their pet. I will send them the image and they can use it as they wish or I will order what they want( cards, stickers, tote, buttons etc.) I use zazzle and moo for my products and the quality and price are quit good!
Price/ by the hour (yet to be determined)
Image is theirs alone and 1 of a kind.

Our christmas card, Simon

Packing up Christmas in the kitchen!!!

I put away my ornaments room by room. I always start with the kitchen!!!

ornaments made in kindergarten by chris(42) and dan(40)

Tag Tuesday! leftovers!

Christmas card from audrey!
cut out the shoe, added some more ribbon, bingo!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

TMTA/ Africa


Crazy amigos!!! A new year!

Grow and create in 2011!
cut paper, paste, scan, then photoshop!
I really like this!
Happy new years to all!

take a word! music

Send in the clowns!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

sketchbook project!

The view from up here was my theme!
All the pages are paper cut out ,collage and stamp. no digital!
I have 8 pages left to do and then I send it off to Art House for the tour!!!
Link below will give you all the details!