Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspiration Ave/ a new year/goals

Jackson in Seattle

My first commission of a pet picture.
The original photo had Jackson sitting in a patio overlooking the city. I took the image to photoshop and this card is the result!

I hope to start a pet picture business using images sent to me by the pet owner. Using information of what they want, I will use cut and paste collage/and/or photoshop to make a painting of their pet. I will send them the image and they can use it as they wish or I will order what they want( cards, stickers, tote, buttons etc.) I use zazzle and moo for my products and the quality and price are quit good!
Price/ by the hour (yet to be determined)
Image is theirs alone and 1 of a kind.

Our christmas card, Simon


Ann said...

Beautifully done Peggy! You will be overwhelmed with orders!!!
Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

Oh, I love what you've done with both of these! Good luck to you, I know you'll be very successful! I love the snowflake on Simon's nose!

creativelenna said...

What a great idea, peggy! I especially love what you did to the photo of jackson.

Do you have a link you can send me for your sketchbook project photos?? I would love to look through your sketchbook! Thanks too, for the really lovely comment. XOXO

Unknown said...

I really like the photo of Simon and the snowflake on his nose. I wish you the best with your business, that is exciting. I have always wanted to start a business of my own. Best wishes.

Darla said...

What a great idea and a good new goal for 2011. Wishing you much success and a Happy New Year!


artangel said...

Peggy both these are stunning - what lovely work! Lots of luck with your new venture, I'm sure you'll do well!