Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just for fun! : )

I remember when I had to stay after school and write on the blackboard
"I will not talk in class" 100 times!!!
So here is my after school wish for you!!!!

Helga's challenge!


Happy Holidays!

Sunday postcard! Holly and Ivy!

Image from Dover Designs

Friday, December 11, 2009

Angel Eyes


Saturday challenge! ornaments!

Some of my favorite decorations over the years!
Click please to see details!
thanks for letting me share my "boutique " days!

Lots to do! Boxes!

I must admit, I made this "snowman-in-the-box" years ago.
It is a favorite of mine!
Hope it brings you a smile!!

Altered artists tree!

Atc wreath!!!

Be sure to enlarge the photos and see the delightful art!!!

You may see 1 of yours on my tree!
I love seeing all my friends through art there!

Tag for Dragonsdream!

Image from Dover Designs!
I did some cropping then enhanced the red, then did a little impressionist brushing.
I wanted to make the waves and the crane's feathers similar in feeling.

Postcard Friendship Friday!

Leather postcard!
Aunt Ida saved it, thank goodness!
March 24, 1907
Absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, but I really thought it was worth showing!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Artcreationsfriday! Image provided

Thank you again for providing such a lovely image!!

One powerful hour! Red and green!

I am happy to say I got to be the guest designer this week!

We have are winners!!!!

8 boxes ready to be wrapped and addressed to






One Creative Queen

Fibre Junky

Lynn F

Thanks for playing!

Packages to go out ASAP!
Which one you receive will be a surprise!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gothic arches! Regal ladies

Blue Monday!

My painted suitcase
Painted chair
Guest room
All items in this post are there. It's my blue room!

Mixed Media Monday!

Wings of Love

Vintage Christmas Monday!

Me and Santa in the Sugar Plum House!
I will tell you the story next monday!!!!

My santa with teddy
Gift from Mamma!
FYI Mamma refers to my mother-in law who was a second mom to me!!!!
What a doll!

Mamma's snowmen (2). She had them on her mantel. I remarked one year how much I loved them! Next year, guess what was in a package for me?
This is how my collection began in 1967!

Mamma's Mouse tree!
Bags made from santa's bag at Mamma's house to hold the photo book of christmas past. Mamma made them. Santa would come by mamma's house and ring the bell and the kids would greet him. He would come in and leave his bag of toys.
One year, mike, the oldest, remarked that santa kinda looked like Uncle Harry! From then on the bag was left at the front door without santa! The bells on the bags were the bells that the 2 aunts would ring from the kitchen to announce santa's arrival. They would carry the bells in their apron pockets and "pre-jingle" to get the kids running to look out the window!
Christmas eves 1968 and on and on and on!

The Boutique days
Tress I made

The boutique days

Small tree made of pods and pinecones
gift from my aunt

Piggilty Wiggilty Wagon
Gift to my DH 196?

1960Go by and see what other treasures there are to see!!!