Saturday, May 22, 2010

sunday postcard!

Image from Bill Blaxton

soartful Saturday challenge! Picket fence!

The Red Swing!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday!

Check out
Wonderful info about the illustrator!

Children's Illustrators postcard book.

Pink Saturday!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

lots to do! Swirls!

Anna Griffin paper and embellishment
Somerset studio freebie image
I thought this little girl was so darn cute with her polka dot dress!
I love polka dots!!!!

Self portrait friday! Look what I found!!!!!

40 years ago my husband and I went on a family trip to Hana Ranch on Maui.
One day we went to a weaving demo and this is the hat I got, don't you love it?

Flash forward to the 80's. For some reason we all wore blouses made up of old tea towels and embroidered hankies!!!!!!! I couldn't bear to give it away even though I'll never wear it again. I resembled a character on Little House On the Prairie!!!!

I am worrying less about my wrinkles in "self portrait friday", after all I earned them !
Go by Nina's lovely blog

Maybe you'll join a self portrait friday!!!

Tristan's Celebration giveaway!

So you wanna have some fun?
Click the link below!!!!!
Also added this groovy button to my side bar!!!!
Congratulations to Tristan and his growing band of merry followers, over 600!!!

Something different! Paris

I made a pen and ink sketch using photo shop filters. I like the look!
Here is where I got the picture.
A lovely little book!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

4x4 friday! open challenge


one powerful hour / e-i-e-i-o!

I loved this book!!!
As you can see it is a little worn!!!
Some of the pages are missing.
Wanna know why?
Well, in the olden days, we didn't have a lot of fun baby items to decorate!
the "changing table" was in the closet and to make it interesting for my baby boys, I taped some of the pages on the ceiling above the table. Something fun for them to look at while I changed their CLOTH diapers!!! Yes I washed diapers, no laundry service except me!!!
I have his other books and I can't tell you the hours the boys and I would look at the pictures.
I know they still sell these books, they are classics!

Here's what I did!
Thanks for the memory!!!

Playdate cafe!

Papers from

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Theme thursday! hands

Old photos cd from


Garden table!

I have been working on these bottles for 2 weeks!

I pour paint inside, layer by layer and swirl the paint around
Let it dry and then add more!!

This is why!!!!
My new bottle tree!!!

So, go out and buy a starbucks frappichino, put it in the blender(contents, not bottle!!!!!!!) add some ice and mix it up!!!!
Tastes great on a warm/hot day and less expensive than buying it at Starbucks!!!

2 challenges!!

Orange and favorite quote!

things my parents said
what I was thinking(quote from Seinfeld)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

created by hand! X

blue paper
gold german scrap
pressed flowers

crazy Amigo's!

Good Morning!

My latest kit from Paula arrived, wanna see????

I have been a member of Paula's kit club for almost 3 years. Each month I receive a lovely assortment of supplies based on various themes!
Excellent quality of everything and always a stamp, german scrap and charms/embellishments!
I just wanted you to see the kit if you are not familiar with her site.
I do not own part of the business!!!!!
I just like to promote fellow artists and share good stuff!
visit the link below, lots of options!
thanks for looking!!

TMTA / fish

I am stuck in my childhood!
Go Fish
card game, just the right size for atcs!!!

Inspirationavenue /melange

I am taking you back to 2005.
Decoupaged dresser, 18"x35"
If you don't know already, I am a gardener and love flowers!
I used my seed packets(empty!), pictures from garden catalogs and garden magazines, favorite little images, and assorted papers.
Elmers glue, cut, paste, smooth out. Then 6 coats of varathene !
It is upstairs in the hall and holds old photos because it is cedar lined. It was in my mother-in-laws bedroom.

Kindergarden Altered RR Book!!! Enjoy!!!!

My theme was
I hope you can take time to view the art here, it is extraordinary!!!
Thank you artists!!!!!

( 2 pages with ?, unsigned, I will track them down!!!!!!!!)

Christy L

Book I used
Back cover

Inside front cover and page 1

Bonnie A
Barb D
Barb D

Renee S

Sue C
Lisa R
Lisa R