Saturday, May 30, 2009

500th post giveaway!

I can hardly believe that I've posted 500 times. I guess when you are having fun you don't notice some things! So when I saw the number this morning, I knew I had to celebrate. Since I love flowers and color and collage, I decided that this 8"x8" piece would be a good selection for sending off to 1 of my blog readers. They are the ones who have encouraged me along the way, THANK YOU!!!!!
I will draw the winner's name on June 7th.I might as well continue with my thoughts that I was going to post before I realized the 500 #. I may ramble.
Some friends and I started meeting on monday mornings to play with watercolors. I used to paint all the time and haven't really done a pure painting in years(usually collage it up). Anyway, we were talking about our families. We talked about dealing with elder parents and how to cope with their mind issues as they age. How to deal with the mood changes and not become frustrated or hurt. We expressed how we hoped our children would not have to go through some of the anxieties we experienced. Then, we said, what in the world are the kids(or friends) going to do with all our STUFF! Some STUFF is very important to ME, but they wouldn't know that. I have this salt and pepper collection. I LOVE it. The boys do not need salt and pepper shakers!!!!!! How about my very favorite bears(children's hospital, safe house for abused wives, a friend of mine). The art of mine that I truly value and those special pieces from friends?????? who, where? So, you get the idea. Now to the reason I am telling you all this!
We decided to make a small journal for our children. A place where we can jot down thoughts about things that pop into our minds that are important to us. I am calling mine, MOM, YOU ALREADY TOLD ME THAT.
My first entry :
"It was so hard dealing with mama when she got dementia and I was so hurt by how she behaved and didn't know what to do. If I get cranky and if I tell you I don't want a hug, HUG ME ANYWAY! And, If I want to tell you something and you have heard it before, don't say "mom you told me that already", just let me tell you one more time."

I plan to write down some ideas for where STUFF will go and of course am on a daily clean-out program or redistribution to help. 
It sounds like I am goin die tomorrow, no I just want the important people in my life to know I love them. Instead of saying, I'll  do that later, I am doing it now, that's all.
Thank you for listening!