Thursday, February 7, 2008

My first class at Castles in the Air"

Added frosting trim and rest of the hearts to my cake!
Felted valentine
cake box> 3" dia,
lined with florentine
paper, on german
scrap. Everything is felted with a needle. The only glue used was to line the inside of the box top and bottom. Fabulous teacher, 8 students.
I think I was very close to heaven!


Tristan Robin said...

what a PERFECT home for a $5 truffle!
:) must have been a fun class - I'm so envious that you're so close to them!


Kelly said...

cool art!

The Backporch Artessa said...

How adorable Peggy! I'd be in heaven too!

Julie said...

Peggy, this is so beautful! I neeeeeed to go to this store next time I'm in San Francisco. Maybe we can meet up?

paint1chris said...

Love your cupcake! I thought it was great, but now I find out that you can put things in it too! Wonderful.

Chris in Alberta

Stacy said...

Absolutely adorable! I'm amazed this was your first attempt at needle felting. If you do become a fellow addict, please PLEASE be careful... I landed myself in the emergency room just before Christmas with a piece of needle stuck in my thumb. :D

Janet said...

This is so happy.
You never cease to amaze me with your
artistic diversity.
~And lovely creations~