Sunday, May 25, 2008

New art series on movies!

The Long Long Trailer
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
kim novak and william holden dance under the lanterns in the trees at the picnic...she is swept off her feet and in love!
Gone With The Wind
I LOVE MOVIES! I decided to see what I could do with combining images and movie titles !


barbara burkard said...

and i get to do your famous movie couples this month!

sandee said...

These are just wonderful!!!!!!!

Birds of a Feather said...


I'm "stealing" one of the pictures and showing it tomorrow night at rehearsal - it just so happens that I'm IN a production of "Picnic" right now!

Tristan (who is playing neither William Holden nor Kim Novak)

Sarah said...

Gorgeous pieces Peggy lovely interpretations.
Hugs Sarah x

Great Circle Etsy Team said...

I was cruising mixed media blogs and found your movie series. I love the collages using faces and ephemera. Wonderful work!!!

Twinnie Susan

Peace S said...

I love Lucy, and Ricky. :OD Awesome work, I covet it.