Sunday, March 15, 2009

out of order!!!

I am in the process of installing a new computer,printer,scanner. I took my harddrive down to apple and pick up my new apple on monday(supossedly with all my info from my old computer saved). My first lesson isn't until the 19th. I am working on my laptop for now. I expect the next few weeks will be challenging to say the least, since the tech words shine on me like a deer caught in headlights!!!! This was a scary zone for me to try, but my 6 year old workhorse dell was really not performing and I thought it might literally EXPLODE!
Wish me luck and hope you keep checking in to read/see the latest!~


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you are going to love, Love, LOVE, LOVE your iMac!!!

and don't worry about learning about it - it is sooooooooooo much easier than p.c.'s!!! No more opening and closing windows and constantly messing around from the file options.

just wait - you're going to find it hard to believe you ever used anything else!

Max said...

Hi Peggy, I received the Italian Postcards and am so delighted with them. This is very timely because I have to make 12 ATCs with travel as the theme. Hmm - maybe to Italy. Thank again for picking my name in your recent draw.
Maxine Kollar, Winnipeg, MB Canada

Joanne Huffman said...

You will love your Mac. It is much more artist friendly than a pc.


Kathy said...

Oh Peggy...what fun...a MAC!!! I think you will end up LOVING it!!! When I grow up (lol!) I want my very own Macbook!! For now...I'm using a Dell! Sorry that yours died...but what a great excuse to buy a MAC! Have fun, fun, fun!!