Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playing with Divasdeste images(again)!

Mini quiltie(4x8)
5x7 collage
Her First Adventure!


Ingrid Mida said...

Oh I love their slightly sulky expressions. How enchanting! I love buttons and polka dots.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

These are both swell! I love the image used in "Her First Adventure" ... I have it somewhere around here, too. I've never wanted to use it, as I'm too cheap to buy another one LOL.
It looks as if she's trying to find somebody, as if traveling to places she's found in the phone book.
It's terrific when a piece of art has a narrative - even if it's not the one the artist planned!

Joanne Huffman said...

great images, well handled.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Being a professional quiltmaker, you would think I should know the answer to this - but, what is a "quiltie?"