Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jan didn't mention this!!!!

Oh dear!!!!!!!
I put them to bed in the guest bedroom for some rest and quiet!
Pretty soon the visitors started arriving!
Jan, do you have Blue Cross?????

Well the boys are back from 13 months of traveling and are taking a well needed rest with me before they resume their World Tour!
Remember the snow pictures of them that Jan took? They were so funny in their hats and glasses!!!! 
Well, when I opened their traveling box, look at how they arrived!!!!!!!


Jan said...

I will send the policy # for H&Y so that they can get some medical attention! But they DID say they had a good time!!!!!!!!!
You crack me up.
Give them my love,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


y'all are too much

Kathy said...

ROFL!! Oh Peggy....I LOVE Hoops and Yo Yo!! This is too funny! The photos are GREAT!! I hope they recover quickly!! I needed this! Thanks for making me laugh!!