Friday, January 1, 2010

Pink Saturday!!! Geraniums!

Pastel painting(mine)


Jacalyn @ said...

Ha! I love them pink! Happy New Year!


barbara burkard said...

pink is soooo pretty...although the red...would match the kitchen! red...? either way..both are LOVELY ART!!!


Tricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday. I am wondering how you changed the color to pink - in Photoshop? or reality? I'd love to learn to do that. I sometimes have things I want to change. I posted my first ever post of altered art. I'd love for you to take a look. I enjoy your blog art so much.
Oh, and on your other blog, I noticed that you posted a book illustrated by Jan Pienkowski. I tried to do an art piece in her style several years ago. Haven't seen anything by her since. It was neat to see your post.

Have a wonderful 2010!


CC said...

I love your painting..both ways. You're very talented..I surely wish I could paint. Happy New Year and Happy Pink Saturday.