Friday, January 15, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday!

I chose one of Anne Taintor's designs!


AnitaNH said...

Great card, I love it! "DD" and proud of it!

AnitaNH said...

Great card, I love it! "DD" and proud of it!

Christine H. said...

Oh Peggy...
I saw the title of your post and I was all prepped for some beautiful cyberdish. Sigh. Hey, wait a minute... you're not the same Peggy who wrote that I Hate to Cook book are you? Oh, no...I guess that was Peg Bracken. O.K., I'm off to find something to eat then.

MuseSwings said...

Funny! I've been domestically disabled since we moved to Florida. There are better things to do than deal with cobwebs. Happy PFF!

vintagesusie said...

I LOVE Anne Taintor's design!!! I've carried her items in my shop & would love to carry more...they always make me laugh!!! There's 1 where the vintage Mommy is holding a vintage baby & she says something like "between you & me, we're going to own your grandparents"...just love it. Thanks for always stopping by & being my 1st cheerleader in life! I {heart} you little nun!!!

Terry said...

Howdy Peggy
Happy Pff .
I love this card !
It would be fabulous as an oversized poster in someones kitchen :)
Seriously this was so much fun .
Thank you for sharing .
Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Trails

Shar said...

Too cool...and I just love that phrase!

Postcardy said...

I like her style.

I just looked at her website, and there are a lot of products, but no postcards, there.

peggy gatto said...

There is a number on the back of the card
I got them a few years ago and bought the designed postcards separately !
Hope that helps you track them down!!!

Lyneen said...

I LOVE THIS SERIES of postcards. THANKS for sharing, PFF!

Marie Reed said...

I am so domestically disabled! I burnt a chocolate cake to a crisp yesterday.. I still ate it though:)

rebecca said...

although i am still head over heels in love with the newspaper couture on your banner.

i would be willing to wear more than one of those beauties!