Thursday, March 25, 2010

One powerful hour/ Easter

I took a picture of some daffodils in a pitcher and added an easter decoration.
Then I went photoshopping!!!
I think it would make a fun postcard!
If any one wants to use it for easter/spring I would be flattered!!!


cmoh said...

Yellow is my favorite color but I never use used it fabulously!

Wish I had that pitcher of dafodils in my house...and I love the additon of the bunny/egg...

Great Piece!

Fany said...

HO! Lady you have something special in your art and I love it, it is different and fresh. You are very creative.
C'est magnifique!

Ann said...

Peggy..I'm going to make a postcard for me, if that's ok! I love this..daffodils are the only flower I'm not allergic to and the bunny is just too cute.fabulous piece1