Thursday, March 18, 2010

Revisiting an altered book round robin! 2006/7

I asked the participants to do a famous painting by an artist and do it in blue and white! I supplied the paper frames so they had a size to work with. I also said if "they" wanted to be the famous artist that was just fine!!
The paintings all fit inside the book which has a cut out area.
This is my
Isn't it a treasure!

Front cover
Peggy g
Artist Hokusai

Front cover
Under painting

Inside cover
lift feather page to see paintings inside

Inside cover
Caryl H
Artist Rubens

Jennifer R D
Artist Botticello "Venus"

Barb B
Artist Paul Klee

Michelle D
Artist Guichard

Cat D.
Artist Georgia O'Keefe

Artist Kimberly

Debbie H
Artist Debbie H

Judy E
Artist Leonardo, "Mona Lisa"

Sandee H
Artist Thomas Gainsborough "Blue Boy"

Paula D
Artist Jonathan Green "White Breeze"

Carol M
Artist Ammi Phillips "Harriet Leavens"


Debby said...

Nice to see your book again Peggy!!! I enjoyed working in this one.

barbara burkard said...

YES!!! Was a fun way to spend a bit of the afternoon!!!

Kristin said...

Hi Peggy! How nice to catch up with you - it's been a while since I visited and you have been busy!! I love the work you showed here (would be so much fun to do a Round Robin - and I love how you did it in blue and white - my favorite combination) and the sidebar pictures of the Summer flowers and Lake Tahoe - you are so inspirational Peggy, Kristin xo

Marie S said...

Wow this is so wonderful and a great way to have so many different styled pages. Thank you for revisiting it. I am so glad you did.
It is delightful too!
I just love that word, that made me smile so big, thank you!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

very very cool! Love what everybody did - what a clever idea.

TonyaA said...

These are all great! Love the idea too.
Blessings to you and yours,