Friday, May 28, 2010

Decoupage placements for new table! A small tutorial!

We finally got a round table!!! I have always loved the ambiance of sitting at a round table. My husband got this for our 45 th wedding anniversary!
This was a good reason to finish some placemats I started 6 years ago.
Pictures were copied from 2 volumns of Gibson art that I have from Uncle Paul. Copyright 1902
I had done 4 and then gave up the project because it was very difficult for me to work fast enough to apply such a large piece of paper to the wood mats and make them smooth without wrinkles!
So, I have more "know how" and decided I needed to complete the series.
I still have 2 to do.
I choose the pictures for men and women to view!
Hope you enjoy my choices and love to have you come to dinner some time!
wood placemat
template for mat size
Finished mats have 5 coats of varethene (matte)

2 b finished
2 b finished
This will be for DH

My mat

Thanks to my first yahoo group, Decoupage, for all the inspiration and help!!!!
Thanks Harriet for the place mats!!!!


Ann said...

these are great!

Lindsay Weirich said...

they look great and are so stylish!

Tess said...

These are fabulous. I love the pics you chose. Poor guy in that one photo looks so alone. Hoepfully you will never have a lonely 5th wheel at your table. LOve the table and chairs.... Happy Anniversary...

Jeanette said...

This a beautiful table. Round tables are my favorite, too. The place mats are beautiful. Your home looks so bright and cheery. Is that a real dog on the stool or just one of your artful vignettes? My favorite place mat is the last one. That could be you they are celebrating. I'm so glad that you shared this project with everyone.

Zoechaos said...

WOW fabulous set wonderful images.

Carol said...

Hi Peggy, I came here to see your Theme Thursday and got sidetracked by these beauties. What a fabulous project! Well done. I love Gibson art, thanks for sharing these.
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