Saturday, July 17, 2010

Workshop with DJ Pettitt /sunday to wednesday!

I am taking a workshop by DJ Pettitt at An Artful Journey in Los Gatos, CA (1 hr from me) I am going with a neighbor who is taking a class from Stephanie Lee.
I will try and check in and for sure take lots of class pictures to share with you when I return.
Here is 1 of the pages I will be using!
Check her link below and you can see her art work and find out about An Artful Journey.
This is my 2nd time and the 1st time was with Nina Bagley!!!


Diane said...

Yes!! Bring back lots of pics. I wish I could go with you!

Healing Woman said...

Anxious to hear all about your class. I think it will be a wonderful experience.

Janet Ghio said...

Oh you are so lucky to be taking that workshop!! It looks just wonderful! Look forward to seeing what you make and hearing all about it.

johanna said...

wow!! wish i had a second life to have the time to go digital, too!

Nan said...

Oh I am so jealous! She is one of my favorite artists. Have a blast !

peggy gatto said...

She is the best teacher!!!! I hope to take another class sometime!