Thursday, August 12, 2010

1 Powerful Hour!

Our new dog, simon!
A tiny bit of photoshop!
We have joined the dog people!


Debby said...

Love this Peggy, he is so sweet!!!!

Amy said...

what a lucky dog..cute and adorable as ever..mans best know!

Ruby said...

Ooh you're SO clever! How do you do that in Photoshop? It's fab! I want to do one of my dog now!

He is adorable!! I LOVE dogs, they are so loyal and lovable! Glad you've joined the doggy world!

Linda said...

He looks're going to have fun!!

johanna said...

oh my, you are so productive... i wonder if your day has double as much hours than mine;)
your simon looks adorable!!

cmoh said...

This is fabulous! It looks like one of those really expensive prints you see in an expensive art store! And your doggy is oh so cute!