Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free images from Divas D'este!!! And a prize to win!

Here is your egg, Yvonne!!!
Here is what I did with 1 of them!
If you tell me how many chicks there are and how many "hidden " easter eggs and you are the first to comment, I will send you a vintage paper easter egg!!!
(hint, the hidden eggs are purple, yellow and blue)
guess due by March 17th!!!

Just click the link!
While you are there, check out their collage sheets!!!


Yvonne said...

Well this isn't as easy as it sounds, Peggy! I count 2 chicks, 5 blue eggs, 4 pink eggs, and 4 yellow eggs.

peggy gatto said...

We have a winner!!!!
Address please?
thanks for playing!!!!!!!!!!

Yvonne said...

YAHOO! Can you email me, then I can give you my address.