Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take a word! Memories

Friends in Sunshine and Shade
5" x5" photo transfer on canvas, painted flowers on top

I received a phone call from a friend.
I was at Lake Tahoe, ca on vacation.
We spent many summers with cathy and her family 2 cabins away.
She couldn't come this summer

I went outside and sat on the deck. The sky was really unusually bright and clear. I had never seen so many stars.


Healing Woman said...

Your canvas collage is so charming. I love the way you painted the flowers around the girls. Your poem is so sweet and magical.

Carla said...

lovely canvas

indybev said...

Lovely vintage collage, Peggy!

Faye said...

Beautiful memories, Peggy. I am still keeping up with 3 of my elementary school buddies. When we reconnected after many years, it was like time had stood still. We just picked up the friendships where they had left off. I love the painting behind the girls. You are so talented.