Friday, September 2, 2011

just for fun challenge! Words

I made this card for our anniversary. I took an actual photo at our wedding, printed it out, chopped off our heads and pasted new heads, added a corsage and off we go on our honeymoon!
1965. I guess the tag I put on my luggage was true!!!!


Sandy said...

Oh Peggy this is lovely.
Fantastic. I love it.

Ann said...

marvelous card Peggy!!
love it!
congrat's on your Anniversary!!!

LynnF said...

Oh Peggy...this is darling! I love it! Happy Anniversary!

Silje said...

What a Great idea! And lovely artwork! : )

Sheila A. said...

SO clever! Love it. And here's
wishing you a Happy Anniversary!

Zoechaos said...

Fancy decapitating both your new husband and yourself! the things we sacrifice in the name of Art! Forever is a wonderful word Peggy thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun.

Sorry you had a problem linking up as others do not seem to have a problem not sure what happened. XOXO Zoe

Von said...

Not sure who looks more shock at the thought of forever lol great fun piece Thank you for sharing with us at Just For Fun
Maybe it was just a glitch and you could try again
Von x