Thursday, December 8, 2011

Haiku my heart!

Our family nativity, 1969. I bought a plastic one so the boys could touch and play with the people.

When I was a child
I spoke as a child
And saw events in a childish way, innocent.
I will not put away my childish ways.


Beth Niquette said...

So beautiful. When I was a kid--I loved the old nativity set. Mom still uses it, with the occasional addition of a toy from small hands, standing over the manger. (grin)

Hettienne said...

oh so beautiful!! I would love to put that in a shrine!!

anthonynorth said...

Ah, the inner child is so important.

LynnF said...

Thanks for the memories, Peggy, I loved my nativity set when I was a kid. Hettienne has a good idea about creating a shrine. That has great possibilities!

Spadoman said...

I absolutely love this haiku. We always had a nativity set. It was part of the whole tradition of our household. Things have changed in my life and I have gone away from the old traditions for a variety of reasons. You have sparked wonderful thoughts and the fondest of memories into my head with this post. Thank you.


janie said...

Loved this post. Reminded me of the year when the family hurriedly placed all the "usual" decorations without noticing anything unusual. Several days later when the "wee" ones came over, one of the children said "Where's baby Jesus?" He was eventually found still resting in the box! Reminds us all to be ever mindful of why we are displaying these special mementos!
Bless you in your making,
Janie of Sacred Art Images

rebecca said...

irresistible with child like wonder!

Lenora said...

still love putting out the nativities, if i had a castle i'd have so many - our wooden and doll ones were perfect for wee ones too play, they are going out tonight!