Thursday, October 3, 2013

haiku my heart

Not a day goes by
without a discovery!
I learn constantly!
Watercolor sketch


gma said...

Live and learn. :-)
Lovely sketch.

Kim Mailhot said...

Always grateful for that.
Lovely flowery bits.
Happy friday !

Gillena Cox said...

just great, image and haiku

much love...

sheila 77 said...

Beautiful watercolour and rather nice haiku. Thanks for the link to this interesting challenge site.

Netty said...

smashing artwork Peggy and love your quilt below. Annette x

Laura said...

me too... aren't we so fortunate to realize this?

rebecca said...

dear peggy,

please forgive me for being so long in arriving. this week has been challenging in ways i cannot even begin to share.
i am so glad to be here reading your delightful haiku which has filled me with immediate pleasure!

jgy said...

I like your haiku
and creative spirit too
happy days to you!!