Friday, December 9, 2016

Celebrating Mary

haiku my heart with mother love

Our family nativity, 1969. I bought a plastic one so the boys could touch and play with the people.

When I was a child
I spoke as a child
And saw events in a childish way, innocent.
I will not put away my childish ways.
I will enjoy the moment.


rebecca said...

oh have stirred a childhood memory! our family moved from connecticut to san diego the summer before first grade. we stayed with older relatives-so old to me then! they could not have children and lived a quiet life. there were home altars and so many saints! of course i was so young and having driven across the untied states with all our possessions packed and yet to arrive i had not played in a long time. i woke up while everyone was sleeping and created a home, and played with the only "dolls" available-yep-mother mary, joseph, baby jesus and a host of interesting saints!
although our hosts were incredible sweet and understanding-i was admonished for playing with the heavenly host!!

Deann said...

Hooray for you a wonderful wise mother...a wonderful Nativity too.