Monday, March 14, 2011

Creating backgrounds using your art and photoshop!

So this is what I started with, a photo of a bush in our garden!
PS= photoshop
put the image on PS and dropped in some colors using paint bucket
soft light and pin light

dropped a few more different colors to various ares with paint bucket
more paint
daisy and rose special effects paint brush with different colors
Used a ink filter
changed to black and whiteartistic filter

I just play with the tools available and see what happens. You can change this one background in hundreds of ways by simply using your filters or brushes. I am self taught, so the tech specifics are unfamiliar to me. I just like color and try different patterns. You can always click "undo" and start again.

Hope this mini tutorial was helpful.
Be sure and enlarge the images to see the changes!


Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiul! Gorgeous images! I have never used photoshop..I dont know how..sounds like fun. Wonderful work.

Ruby said...

Yay Peggy, you're a star!!! What a fab tutorial!! I will have to have a play with that when I get five minutes, love it!!!! :) TFS

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Thanks for the tut Peggy. I've been messing around with Adobe Elements, too. The possibilities are endless!
Have a great week!

Netty said...

Oh wow these changes are great. I love what you have achieved. Obviously Photoshop is a great piece of software. Annette x

Fliss said...

Thanks Peggy! I'm attempting to learn Photoshop effects at the moment after seeing so many beautiful digital collages but am struggling.
Your tutorial is very helpful.

Lynn Stevens said...

very cool, Wish I had photoshop!

Tess said...

Awesome. 3 of thesee hung together on the wall would make a great triptic.