Tuesday, July 31, 2012

starlets/ Rita Hayworth

I have loved movies from as long as I can remember. I especially liked the dance movies....
singing in the rain, seven brides for seven brothers, all the zeigfield and busby berkley extravaganzas!
Rodgers and Hmmerstein, anything with Jane Powell! I would memorize the words and then perform a pantomime dance as the record was started on the "victrola" by my sister. Mom and Dad were my living room audience to my productions. What fun for me to be a star!
I love this challenge for the memories and the information and pictures that are always included!
Even if you don't play, go by this blog and enjoy the trip down memory lane or an introduction to the golden age of movies!


AJ Blanton said...

As always this is a FANTASTIC piece. I love it! Thanks you so much for your kind words about the challenge and for always joining us over at the 52 Starlet Art Challenge.

Yvonne said...

Superb, Peggy!

linda said...

Fan-tastic, Peggy!