Sunday, July 5, 2009


So many of you have commented on the header of my blog of the ladies in newspaper dresses. It was " an evening At the Smiths" and lord knows how many cocktails they had while creating their dresses, but I DO know they had fun!
So, here's what I am proposing! Create a dress out of newspapers! Creation may be life size or for a paper doll. Evening appropriate pants and top are acceptable. Take a picture of your creation (on you or a paper doll), post to your blog with a link to this post and leave a comment here!
I put the pic of my mom on my side bar with link to this post. Feel free to use the picture below if you wish!
There will be 1 design chosen and the creator will win a special prize! Gentleman designers welcome too!!!
Special guest judge, Rice Zachery-Freeman has agreed to view the entries and select the winner. Rice is a well known writer of articles re artists and their work published in various magazines at Somerset Studio Publications and other art magazines!

Rice's books!

Living the Creative Life

Rice Freeman-Zache...

Creative Time and Space

Rice Freeman-Zache...

Design pictures due September 30th.
Winner to be announced October 15th.
All of you who commented on the photo on my header can join in the fun!
I so hope you will participate in this "project runway"!
OK designers, CARRY ON!!!!!

peggy DAILEY gatto


Mama T said...

I was randomly blog-surfing & came across your fun site!

Your artwork brought a smile to my face.
Thank you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I remember when they used to make elaborate costumes out of crepe paper (when it could be sewqn on the machine!) and I also recall seeing similar photos of ladies obviously at a party, dresssed in their *newspapery* finest!
Sadly, whateverr papers I get go right into the birds cages.....
I guess I'll just comment and be a party pooper!

Unknown said...

Wow....How fun...I will try and participate...Sounds like a hoot...

Sonia ;)

Weathered & Worn said...

Hi Peggy, sounds like fun!! Count me in.

janene said...

Can we enter more than one? This sounds like fun. I always smile when I see your header. you just know they were having a fun time.

creativelenna said...

This is wonderful, Peggy. I will definitely be thinking about this & promise to try to participate! Ricë has another book . . . (i know because i was published in it!!) it's: New Techniques for Wearable Art: Creative Ideas for Transforming Clothes and Accessories, by Ricë Freeman-Zachery, September 2004.

: )) awesome!


Fabulous idea, Peggy!

- Teresa

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea ... will have to get a group of friends together to work on this!

Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

Hi! We posted our pics! I couldn't wait any longer, besides, humom says her post menopausal brain "forgets" things.
Love, Stella Dora

Kim B said...

I love the story, How funny. Your mom is so cute in her newspaper dress.