Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday postcard! Feelin blue

Original sulk
I have had a picture on my sidebar since I began this blog. I put it there cause I love blue AND I liked the "sulky" me. The picture on the sidebar was taken after I lost a race at family picnic. (age 5)
I took the picture and resized and did a few brush strokes with P S.


Sandy said...

Oh wow very impressive Peggy.
Looks great.

Femmy said...

looks great!!

Nancy said...

Peggy, I can so relate...I have a similar picture of me when I didn't want to have my picture what you did with it...maybe I should altar mine..uh?

2amscrapper said...

wonderful interpretation of emotion

Deann said...

I love it too a beautiful sulky blue you. Hey that rhymes...good job Peggy.

Jan Hennings said... the story about this picture!!

Jana said...

Absolutely perfect image for the Blue theme. You were a real cutie pie. Even when you were Blue.