Friday, October 22, 2010

2000 posts and a follower thank you!

Just added a 2nd goodie to my celebration giveaway!
Kit by Anna Griffin!
2 bags and goodies inside!!!!

This was my first post!
This is my 2000th post!
As a thank you to my followers (and other guests) I am giving away this decoupaged 4"x6" box. Something special will be inside, but I can't tell you what until I draw the winner's name.
If you wish to enter
1. Leave a comment here at this post(need contact info)
2. If you have a blog please let others know by providing a link to this post on your blog as well, I'd love to have as many players as possible!!!
3. Thank you for all the comments and the encouragement and most of all, thank your for showing me your art and inspiration!
Drawing Friday November 5th


nkjohnston said...

OMG! How fun! I enjoy your uploads so often on the Yahoo site. Congratulations on your successful blog. Someday I'm going to get one going. In the meantime I have to live vicariously through you, huh?

Thankyou for sharing your art so often.

Nancy in Michigan

Netty said...

wow fabby box. Annette x

Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy congrats on the 200th!!!! Yeah I am first and probably your biggest fan! I think of you all the time you know. Like today at the Hallmark store I saw some hoops and yoyo tiny stickers and though oh Peggy woul;d love to put those on her mail art! Love ya sweets! Sanna

Barbara said...

a HUGE conGRATS!!!! smoooches!!!! the box is LOVELY!!! and nov. 5 is my baby girls birthday...and having the chance to get to KNOW YOU ALSO makes me a WINNER...WOOOHOOOOO!!!!


Barbara said...

...LOL...i had to go back to see that first post...I remember it so well....beth had beat me to the punch..and posted FIRST...(lol...little overachiever...) oh how things have changed since much water had flowed under that proveribial big hugz

bockel24 said...

Wow, 2000!!! You´ve started nine months after me but have really set the pace - and that´s so typical Peggy! Thanks for always being there and inspiring us!

Linda Wareham said...

Wow Peggy,congratulations on reaching 2000! I enjoy following your blog,you always provide great inspiration. Looking forward to the next 2000 posts - hehe!

Ann said...

2000 posts....and all your fabulous art!!!...CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks for sharing with us.
I'd love to win this beautiful the image!!!

Linda Gibbons said...

Wow! Peggy!
2000 posts. How marvelous

Your art always makws me smile, so exuberant and fullof color. Your digital stuff just blows me away.

I look forward to every single post and every comment you leave.

Healing Woman said...

When I first looked at it I thought it said 200..but then I realized that it was 2,000!!!!!!!! Holy Cow! Congratulations. What year did you start to blog?

Your box is great. Would love to win anything from you.


Peace said...

YOu've always inspired me Peggy! The colors and image on your box are DELICIOUS!! :OD


"MOI" Freubel said...

I hope you will forgive me that I copied your image Peggy but please check my blog !
And ofcourse I join !
Your box is STUNNIG and what a loving way to thank us, your followers, with this give-a-way.
Congratulations Peggy !!
2000 posts !! ( I have a longgg way to go LOL)

Anonymous said...

I have always loved your blog!!!! Thank you for being here!

Tami said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Peggy!! The box you made is beautiful!!!

KatParks said...

Congratulations Peggy! You're a natural. Thanks for sharing your inspirations with us.

CindyB said...

Gorgeous box! Congrats on 2000 posts.

Melanie Maxell said...

Your things are so lovely - you are a great inspiration!!!

Best wishes for 2,000 More !!

Melanie in PA :-)

Chris Flynn said...

Two THOUSAND!!! How amazing and what a wonderful inspiration you are to us that drag our creative feet! Also, I just love your banner... all those 1950-ish (maybe 60??) modeling their creations. Is one of them your mom?

Thanks for all your inspiration, generous sharing, and care!

Sweet Blessings, Chris

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Peggy - what a milestone! You should be very proud of yourself!
I often pop in and take a peek, although I'm not great at leaving comments (must try harder).

Here's to the next 2000!

Hugs from Susie in the UK. Please note I've moved to WordPress.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Peggy - what a milestone! You should be very proud of yourself!
I often pop in and take a peek, although I'm not great at leaving comments (must try harder).

Here's to the next 2000!

Hugs from Susie in the UK. Please note I've moved to WordPress.

Electra said...

Congratulations Peggy, I can't even imagine that many posts! Lucky us to have you doing this!

Jan C. said...

What a milestone. I love reading your blog and seeing your art. LOoking forward to 2000 more.

Jan in AZ

Lillian M said...

WOW congrats Peggy
Lillian Mederak.

Diane said...

Wow that's great. Congradulations!!!!

Sandy said...

Congrats on being such a dedicated blogger. 2000 posts means you have made lots of art. YAY!

gale said...

Peggy...See how much everyone loves your art! I am always checking and looking at your wonderful, fun, pieces.
Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to the rest of us!
Gale Heritage

Birgit said...

2,000 post?! Peggy, now that's what I call a milestone. :)

You are so sweet to celebrate that by offering us all a prize! :)

I will be sure to put a link to your giveaway on my blog later tonight or tomorrow -- gotta spread the word!

Big hugs,

A 2 Z said...

Great Peggy! Congrats on your 2000th post. Really! That's the most I've ever seen! I love the box but I live in Canada. Most of the time I cant participate, sniff, sniff! Hope you reach your next 2000 posts. Job well done. Happy Pink Saturday!


Rebecca said...

Congradulations!!!!!! Wow-I'm a long way away! How wonderful-the box is pretty cool!

pupton said...

Wow Peggy! 2000! Woo-hoo! Way to go! I would love to win this lovely give away! Sign me up!

Pam McKnight said...

congratulations Peggy!- I'll post a link on my blog!

Gayle said...

Beautiful Box!

PeggyR said...

Please sign me up for your giveaway. I am a follower and I've added you to my sidebar!

JoAnne said...

2000 posts-you go girl! Would love to be entered in your giveaway Peggy. Already a follower and would be happy to post on my blog.

Unknown said...

Fun! I came to your blog via Pam McKnight. Thanks for including me in the draw. I'll give you a plug on my blog:

Halle said...

Congrats on sticking with blogging! It sure is fun to get to know others here in blogland.
I'd love a shot at your giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Visiting your blog for the fist time and enjoying every nostalgid retro reference, from the photo at the top to your profile nun photo! The box is fabulous, and I'd love to own it. Will return when I put it on my own blog. Now off I go to browse your posts and be carried back in time, I'm sure! I'm also very nostalgic. - Barbara
bmooj125 at comcast dot net

Bonnie said...

Just found your blog - and now spending the morning with you. Congrats on 2000 posts. I now am dropping any previous commitments I had today so I can look at them all. Love the box! Bonnie

Rebeca Trevino said...

hi i came across your blog via Pam McNight's blog, and now i am a follower. congrats on achieving your milestone!
i only started blogging about a year ago, and basically only use the blog to post photos of my work. please visit when you get a minute.

Jansie said...

Hi there, I am a pretty new follower and I am so glad I found you! Congrats on your 2000th post! WOW!

Beth Niquette said...

What fun! Okay, girl--I'm in. ((hugs)) Have a GREAT week! I'll put a link to your blog on my ephemera blog. Woohoo! Have a great week.

Laura lok said...

fun give away loving your blog though I only recently found it

joy said...

Hi, Peggy! Sorry, I didn't see the link to this post for the giveaway!!! Sure would love to win and will post on my blog, too. Thanks - your blog is always so interesting and so much fun, too!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh my goodness what beautiful items to be giving away. I would adore to win so please include me in the draw. I will post up on dezinaworld side bar so it gets plenty more views.
Hugs June xxxx

Scrapcollectr said...

What a generous set of prizes! I'll check in from time to time to see what u r up to, art-wise....{if u have 250 followers and u r giving prizes to increase the number, I better get a move on... *smile*}
happy WOYWW!

Anonymous said...

Well Peggy, I think both items are winners in anyone's book. I am a follower, just not signed up as such. I tried with someone else's blog and still can't get in!

Mary Wilkins

Lynn Stevens said...

oh Thanks for the heads up Peggy, I've been so busy playing catch up I haven't had time to do much blog hopping, good luck to both of us. wink..
hugs Lynn

Kathy B. said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. I'm definitely adding it to my favorites list! If it's not too late, please enter me in your fabulous giveaway too. Thanks for the opportunity, and the inspiration!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you see art as "therapy". My friends and I talk about how much cheaper this is than therapy on a regular basis, of course its always when we are buying something!

Susan said...

This is an awesome giveaway. I have pasted a few miles stones and have a HUGE giveaway going on, check out my side bar!

Congrats on 200 posts!
Thanks for the opportunity!


trisha too said...

Congratulations, Peggy! It's always fun to stop by and see what you're up to!


posted your pic/link at my blog
trishatoo at hotmail dot com