Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday!

Boy's Nativity set!
I bought this set for the boys and wanted them to be able to pick up the figures and play with them, therefor , Plastic(WITH GOLD ACCENTS!).
There's a story here!
See the clay donkey next to baby jesus?
He was added to the nativity after we all watched "Nester the Long Eared Donkey".
Everyone was in tears when it was over because it was so sweet! So I made a long eared donkey and there he is!

part of 40 + years of bears
Made by chris(41) and dan(39) when they were in kindergarden!

I always made hats for these guys at christmas! As you can tell, these are the original hats.

Gift from my aunt

I am coming back to add more!!!!!
Please go by the link and see the other treasures and of course you can play too!!!


pixiegirrl said...

I love the idea of making little santa claus hats for your mice. I tried to make a little crown for a ceramic bird once using tin foil.


★Carol★ said...

Aren't homemade ornaments and decorations the best? Those little hats are the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! It's a great idea that I might have to borrow next year, so that I don't have to pack everything away to make room for Christmas stuff. I'll make a hat for my big pottery turtle and my dog planters. I love this idea!
Happy VCM!

anythinggoeshere said...

I laughed out loud at the kindergarden art! Created before the "color inside the lines" kicks in! As a former el ed teacher I could really appreciate their creativity!!!! Are those your sons?

Cute hats on the rabbits/mice?

Judi said...

The gingerbread people are adorable but the hats are even more cute!! Merry Christmas ~ Judi

Chris Arlington said...

Wow, Thankyou for sharing that Peggy, we forget what is really special in our lives.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

You have so many great things . I love all the bears &the little hats you have made .
Merry Christmas !

Unknown said...

Fun fun things! Don't you just love those handmade childs gifts? I have mine safely put away....problem is I don't know where! LOL Maybe by next Christmas I will fidn them!

Dan said...

Nester!!! I love it - Thanks for posting this ; ) !

anythinggoeshere said...

I have featured you in this week's favorites post! Come and take a look. xo Joan, your hostess